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Awards the 2016 OWL awards, the National Association of Women Business Owners presented Cari Lyn Vinci with the Visionary award.

The award is for ”A woman who runs an organization where her vision provides meaningful opportunities for women.”

The Playbook for Teens…STE@M™ Mentoring Program is the reason for the recognition.

Pictured to the right, Monica Nainsztein, President of NAWBO, Cari Lyn Vinci & Kitty O’Neal, Mistress of Ceremonies & KFBK afternoon news anchor.


Woodland School Board of Trustees acknowledged the Playbook for Teens STE@M™ Mentoring Program with the 2016 Excellence in Education Award.

Accepting the award is Cari Lyn Vinci, creator of the Program, which is based on Playbook for Teens. Pictured with Vinci is Michael Gangitano, Lee Middle School Career Counselor to the left; and Armando Olvera, Lee Middle School Principal to the right (pictured in far left and middle left)

Vinci commented: “What an honor it is to help motivate these smart, talented students to reach for the stars.”

The Program goal is to empower teens to become the future business owners & leaders in STE@M™ industries. STE@M is STEM + ART.

Olvera noted: The support for students, especially girls, must be established and continued from Middle through High School. This Program will keep the girls engaged in  STE@M careers, while building essential ‘Success Skills.’ I am making plans to expand the STE@M™ Mentoring program; making it available to younger students and in High School.

Bringing the program to Lee Middle School was a Countywide collaborative effort started by Lori Perez, Career Director at Yolo County

California Community College Chancellor’s Office presents Cari Lyn Vinci & InVINCIble Enterprises, LLC with College’s Strong Workforce Champion Award.

According to Vice Chancellor Van Ton-Quinlivan, “Strong Workforce Champions see far beyond their own interests, being more interested in the greater good for Californians.” Charles Eason, MBA, Small Business Sector Navigator for the California Community College Doing What Matters program, nominated Ms. Vinci and the STE@M™ Mentoring Program. “Many of us within the California Community College system hope that programs of this caliber will continue to be rolled-out across the state, strengthening the future of the next generation of females within the fields of science, technology and engineering” stated Mr. Eason. 

strong workforce

Cari Lyn Vinci receives STRONG Workforce Champion award from Chuck Eason, California Community College Chancellor’s Office

Soroptimist International of Lincoln presents 2017 RUBY Award to Cari Lyn Vinci

According to Soroptimist District Director, Jerri Curradi, the RUBY is a gemstone associated with wisdom, importance, vitality, strength, power and love: All words embodying the award recipients.  Vinci commented, “Because my work focuses on Mentoring, the Ruby Award has additional significance.   My Mom’s birthstone was a Ruby & I was lucky that she was my first Mentor.”


2017 RUBY Award Winner – Cari Lyn Vinci with Soroptimists Sue Kirstein and Jerri Curradi

Congressman John Garamendi, Cari Lyn Vinci, InVINCIble Enterprises & John Evalle, District Director following Vinci’s presentation at the Women’s Initiative Network


"The PLAYBOOK for Teens STE@M™ Mentoring Program taught me that women can do whatever they want and whatever men can do if they just set their mind to it and believe they can."

"PLAYBOOK for Teens STE@M™ Mentoring Program really helped open my eyes to all the different careers in the world."

"The PLAYBOOK for Teens STE@M™ Mentoring Program reminded me to stay on the right path."

"A Must-Have in every Girl's Toolkit. I've been a STEM educator for more than a decade. Parents - PLEASE give Playbook for Teens to your teenage daughter."

- Michael Carney

MESA Director


"Reading the hardships of other women showed me we can get through everything."

"I loved reading about all the amazing women and their stories."

"The most useful part about the PLAYBOOK for Teens STE@M™ Mentoring Program was that it showed me that just because I might face many difficulties in life I will not just have to give up. It taught me that you might not want the career you expected to have anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't choose another career."

"I liked the advice the women would have given their teenage self."


“What a brilliant way to tell young women about STE@M careers. Story telling is powerful and the Playbook stories of successful and powerful women make them come alive. This is a must read for young women and parents.  Cari Vinci and Carleen MacKay have nailed it. Kudos to them!” 

–Marilyn Nelson

Executive and Transition Coach


“Finally, a resource to get girls into STE@M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) that they will actually like!!! The playbook for teens is an engaging read for teens. It does a wonderful job of highlighting all kinds of women, in all sorts of STEM fields. The concept for the book is both simple and powerful” 

–John Agostinelli

Sacramento County Office of Education

“Excited to get this going in Tehama County! I have lots of students in mind for this program!”

“Thank you. I have been worrying about how to prepare minds for careers not yet in existence.”

“A key insight from the training is to develop an action plan to implement the curriculum and to start a girls STEAM Club.”

“My action steps is to offer the STE@M Mentoring Program to all junior high girls. A few weeks can change a life.”

“There is a need for programs like this. I appreciate that I can use the materials & agument them to fit my populations needs.”


“Planning with others useful & impactful. A key insight was the importance of success skills.”

“The steps to implement was most useful.”

“A key insight is that education should be relevant to student’s future plans.”



“I love the scaffolding for success skills. Videos of the girls at the celebration showed such confidence.”

“A positive reminder is to reach out to the community to inspire students. A program geared towards young girls is a pleasant surprise.”

“I have meaningful tools and ideas to bring back to campus.”

"This is a gem for career practitioners, counselors, coaches, and educators to use in small groups or individually."

-Tracy DiFilippis M.S. GCDF
Career Educator

“I wish I had this when I was a young girl!”

–Karlyn S. Oberg


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